1. Close Your Window Baby

  2. Six Bullets

  3. Voodoo Blues

  4. The Bottom

  5. When Love Knocks you on the Chin

  6. 1000 Miles 

  7. Shuck and Jive 

  8. Nobody's Getting Out Alive 

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Currently working on new Album with Derek Downham and it is magic!

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Derek Downham is an accomplished songwriter/producer that possesses an inspired voice with both power and dexterity. A formidable multi-instrumentalist, Derek has recorded and played live/toured with many of Canada's finest bands and artists.

PRODUCER | MUSICIAN   https://derekdownham.com

Some of his Credits:

Can't Find My Heart - Broken Social Scene

Can't Find My Heart was co-written

and co-performed by Derek Downham.

Jenn Fiorentino New Album

Derek Downham produced Jenn Fiorentino's new album called "Survive".

Hard Road (Sam Roberts Cover) - Jayli Wolf

Jayli Wolf performs Hard Road, a cover

of a song written by Sam Roberts.

Derek Downham has performed/recorded with (in no particular order):

  1. The Beauties,                      

  2. Don Felder (The Eagles),                       

  3. Broken Social Scene,                  

  4. Andy Kim (Rock Me Gently, Sugar Sugar),

  5. James Burton (Elvis Presley's guitarist)                

  6. Albert Lee (Eric Clapton, George Harrison),        

  7. July Talk, Alex Lifeson (Rush)

  8. Serena Ryder              

  9. Gracie

  10. Sarah Slean,

  11. Boots Electric (Eagles Of Death Metal)

  12. Scott & The Nighthawks

  13. Nels Cline (Wilco)

  14. Redd Volkert (Merle Haggard)

  15. Cindy Cashdollar

  16. Junior Brown

  17. Kellie Loder

  18. Jenn Fiorentino,

  19. Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

  20. Whitehorse,

  21. Paul Quarrington (Whale Music, RIP),

  22. Hugh Dillon,

  1. Sam Roberts,

  2. Lights,

  3. Kim Stockwood

  4. Jully Black,

  5. Tomi Swick

  6. Treasa Lavasseur,

  7. Dru,

  8. Graph Nobel,

  9. Jeen O'Brien,

  10. Amy Millan (Stars),

  11. Ron Sexsmith,

  12. Kyle Riabko (Columbia),

  13. Colin Cripps,

  14. Paul Pigat,

  15. Amos Garrett,

  16. Brent Mason,

  17. Trophy,

  18. The Beautiful Unknown

  19. By Divine Right

  20. Hayden Neale (Jacksoul) RIP

  21. Sloan

  22. Jason Collett

  23. Shaye,

  24. Samantha Martin,

  25. Esthero,

  1. Kurt Swinghammer,

  2. Justin Rutledge,

  3. Rik Emmett (Triumph),

  4. Blair Packham,  

  5. Arlene Bishop,

  6. Sebastian Grainger (Death From Above 1979),

  7. Revival Dear,

  8. Ivana Santilli,

  9. Matthew Barber,

  10. Jeff Healey (RIP),

  11. mm Gryner,

  12. Scott Anderson (Finger 11),

  13. Damhnait Doyle,

  14. Stratochief,

  15. Holy F*ck,

  16. Beans (Warp),

  17. Elliott BROOD,

  18. The New Kings,

  19. Micheal O'Grady,

  20. Andy Stochansky,

  21. Danny Michel

and many more.