• 2015 Unfinished Business
  • 2012 Straight No Chaser
  • 2011 Open Up & Say Wahl
  • 2009 Frank Cosentino #2
  • 2007 Frank Cosentino #1
  • 2006 THE COS

Frank Cosentino:

~ Frank has also had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the world’s greatest musicians in blues and beyond. Legends like The Cowboy Junies, James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Jeff Healy, Robben Ford, Duke Robillard, guitarist Phil X (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper) … and some of the new blood like guitarists Phillip Sayce, Anthony Gomes and Sue Foley,  too name a few.


  1. Seymour Duncan pickups

  2. Dean Markley Strings

  3. ZS Thomas Guitars
          (signature guitar - The “Cosentinocaster”)

  4. Carparelli Guitars

  5. Mack Amps

  6. Platone Amps

  7. VL Effects

  8. Lava Cables

  9. Amp Clamps

  10. String stretcher

  11. Rocky Mountain Slide Company

“The first time I heard a guitar the world for me went from black & white to Technicolor ...”

Guitar has been in Frank Cosentino’s life since the age of five when everything changed after seeing Jimi Hendrix live at his infamous 1968 Toronto show.   The sound coming from this larger than life guitarist’s hands was what some would say was a religious awakening, musically, for Frank.

Since then, Frank has been perfecting his technique which evolved into the performances his audiences now see on stage throughout the year.  With musical tastes constantly expanding and ranging from rock to blues to soul to R&B, Frank’s guitar has become his “wing man” as he explores his soul and the music which becomes part of his blood.

”GUITARS...I've been obsessed with them since I was five. In many ways, my life has been one long conversation about them, interrupted only by the countless hours of deep pleasure I have playing them.”

Frank continues, ” ... my love of old instruments specifically became an addiction my whole life.  I started to understand that the older instruments were like time machines in that when I plugged them in, my ears were instantly transported to the year the particular guitar was born.  A great memory I have was when recording my "Straight No Chaser" record, I had written some acoustic delta blues songs and we tried a few takes.  But at the end of the session, something was missing.  Then a famous guitar collector/friend asked me if I would like to try his 1930 all original National Steel.  Back in the studio, we mic'd it up and from the first note we were in 1930 ... and the track had found it’s ground.”

Now years later, Frank continues to explore his relationship with the music, the guitar, how they relate to each other and sharing this relationship with his audiences.  Seeing Frank on stage, you can tell with one look at his face, when he’s in “the zone”.   This passion is shared with not only his audience but with whomever is on stage with Frank, whether musician or singer and all are drawn into the experience.   

The audience continues to drive Frank forward in his musical journey. “Being fearless is what keeps me at it ... a few years ago, after giving it Electric to a capacity crowd, this show I decided - on the spot - to pull my Martin D28 from the dressing room, in mid show I might add!!, and take the crowd to the Delta.  You could hear a pin drop.  Suddenly, from the stage, all I could see was the glow of lighters flaring up thru out the crowd ..."  

"Right there, I knew the audience was coming with me for the ride . . .”

Frank Cosentino:
~ Guitarist Frank Cosentino has been on the Canadian music scene since the early 1980’s. He has fronted his on blues/rock band since 1989, and since then he has released four full-length albums. His latest album ‘Straight, No Chaser!’ was released in the summer of 2012!

~ Guitar has been in Frank’s life since the age of five. Everything changed after seeing Jimi Hendrix live at his infamous 1968 Toronto show! It was the sound coming from this larger then life guitarist’s hands that some would say was a religious awakening musically for Frank.

~ For the past 30 years Frank has been a gigging machine, with over tens of thousands concerts to his credit! Frank has been known to perform over 250 dates a year with many toures throughout Canada, USA & Europe. With his many endorsements, Frank has also been involved with clinic tours and many NAMM show (Anaheim, CA) appearances.

~ For 2021 and beyond, Frank will continue to be a driving force in the Canadian & International Blues Scene!


1 Tore Down  (Freddie King) 

2 Move from the Hood  (Luther Allison)

3 Five Long Years  (Willie Dixon)

4 Pride and Joy  (Stevie Ray Vaughan - SRV)

5 Little Wing  (Jimi Hendrix)

6 Texas Flood  (SRV)

7 Scuttle Buttin ( SRV)

8 Let me Love You  (Buddy Guy)

9 The Letter  (Joe Cocker)

10 Lenny (SRV)

11 Mary had a Lamb  (Buddy Guy)

12 Every day I have The Blues  (BB King)

13 Voodoo Child  (Jimi Hendrix) 

14 All Along the Watchtower  (Bob Dylan)

15 Cold Shot  (SRV)

16 Tightrope  (SRV) 

17 Crossroads  (Cream)

18 Thrill is Gone  (BB King)

19 Couldn't Stand the Weather  (SRV)

20 Hey Joe  (Jimi Hendrix) 

21 Hoochie Coochie Man  (Muddy Waters)

22 Someday After a While  (Freddie King) 

23 Crossfire  (SRV)

24 How Blue Can you Get  (BB King)

25 Leave my Little Girl Alone  (Buddy Guy)

26 Crosstown Traffic  (Jimi Hendrix)


And so much more!