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  • Tex Bach (Bass)

  • Mike Sedgewick (Guitar)

  • Tim Gittens (Drums)

  • Dave Patel (Drums)

Earl Johnson (Guitar) Moxy

Stan Miczek (Bass)

Dale Harrison (Drums)


Stan Miczek (Bass) from Sass Jordan/The Guess Who +

Dale Harrison (Drums) Headstones/Alannah Myles +

  • Al Lerman (Harp)

  • Greg Godovitz (Guitar) Goddo

  • Pat Kilbridge (Bass)

  • Guenther Kappel (Bass)

  • Pat Carey (Sax) Downchild Blues Band

  • Mark Armstrong (Horn)

  • Rick Waychesho (Horn) from Tower of Power

  • Vito Rezza (Drums)

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