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FRANK COSENTINO - Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar.
STAN MICZEK - Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals  (from Sass Jordan, Guess Who, Harem Scarem + many more).
DALE HARRISON - Drums  (from Headstones (24 years), Phil X (BonJovi), Alannah Myles + many more).
Some of the various members of the Frank Cosentino Band:
Frank Cosentino (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar)
Earl Johnson (Guitar)

BASS: Tex Bach                                        BASS: Pat Kilbride
GUITAR: Mike Sedgewick                       HARP: Al Lerman (Fathead)
KEYBOARDS: Rod Phillips                      SAX:  Pat Carey (Downchild Blues Band)
DRUMS: Dale Harrison  /  Dave Patel / Tim Gittens &  Vito Rezza
HORNS: Mark Armstrong & Rick Waychesho (Tower Of Power)





Toronto, Ontario, Canada


genres// Blues + Rock N Roll


years active// 1968 to present


associated acts//

Big Bear , Dave Weaver




label// Cosentino Records

Frank Cosentino Band (Original Song) "When Love Knocks you on the Chin" @ Linsmore Tavern, Toronto, on May 26, 2019
Tribute to the Three Kings of the Blues at Hugh's Room November 12, 2016. Frank Cosentino vocals & guitar, Jesse O'Brian music director & keyboards, James Rasmussen bass and Chuck Keeping drums. A Ross Robinson (Blues In Toronto) Show. Song: "How Blue Can You Get" (Downhearted) written by Jane Feather and Leonard Feather and recorded by B.B. King 1964

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Guitar has been in Frank’s life since the age of five. Everything changed after seeing Jimi Hendrix live at his infamous 1968 Toronto show! It was the sound coming from his larger than life guitarist’s hands that some would say was a religious awakening musically for Frank.


In 2017 Frank was Inducted as a Master Blues Guitarist in the Blues Hall Of Fame  (USA).


For the past 40+ years Frank has been a gigging machine, with over tens of thousands concerts to his credit! Frank has been known to perform over 250 dates a year with many tours throughout Canada, USA & Europe. With his many endorsements, Frank has also been involved with clinic tours and many NAMM show (Anaheim, CA) appearances. For 2022 and beyond, Frank will continue to be a driving force in the Canadian & International Blues Scene!

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